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AC DC converter

AC DC converter  power supply module is a newly developed variety of miniaturization of switch power module, it is USES the microelectronics technology, combined the small installation surface integrated circuit and miniature electronic components assembled into an organic whole, Ac dc power supply module simplifies the use of the power supply circuit design, shorten the development cycle to achieve best indicator, etc.,

Application areas

Widely used in all kinds of digital instrument and intelligent instruments. such as Industrial control and DC system, switching system,A/D and D/A, railway, NCIT, cell phone, semiconductor laser, display screens, monitoring -equipment, petrochemical industry, portable instrument, medical instrument, self-control device, anti-theft alarm, handle instrument, digital circuit, IC card electric meter, AC AC control unit, Communication facility, data acquisition, instruments and meters, peaceful against monitoring equipment, industrial control equipment, automatic control installment, security warning, IC card table, IC card telephone, air conditioning computer controller, domains and so on battery charge.

AC DC converter input category
AC DC converter input devided into four catageries:          
Input range from 85V to 165V
Input range from 85V to 265V
Input range from 110V to 370V
Input range from 165V to 265V
AC DC converter power supply category
Part 1: DIN rail isolated power supply 
1.Standard rail type guide installation
2.Ac/dc (the same terminal input
3.Universal input voltage
4.Input voltage can be adjusted
5.Low ripple and noise
6.Standard Din rail sealed installation(35MM) 
7.Multiple protection and higher reliability 
9.MTBF >800,000hours
10.Can be used in paralle
Application:Widely used in industrial control equipment, machines, and other industrial equipment of external environment, and guarantee to provide high stability, high anti jamming of output power.This series of products to require simple periphery circuit, used in a variety of security isolation, low power, multiplexed output, volume requires strong ac mains power supply system
Part 2: Switching voltage
Step up, stepdown transformation, AC/DC conversion (AC/DC, DC/AC) polar transformation (positive and negative polarity conversion, single power supply and the positive and negative power conversion, single power supply and power conversion)Plug-in AC - DC isolation power supply
1.Universal input voltage
2.AC/DC (the same terminal input)
3.Working temperature:LD series -20+71℃,LBseries/LH series -40+71℃
4.Input voltage can be adjusted
5.Low ripple and noise
6.Low exhausted, green products 
7.Multiple protection and higher reliability
9.MTBF >800,000hours
10.Provide three phase four wire system

Application:Widely used in all kinds of ac mains power supply system, the security isolation, low power, require multiple output, especially for small 
size, simple peripheral circuit occasions has excellent performance, more in the power industry, instruments and meters, industrial control,
communications equipment, medical industry and other fields have important applications.

AC DC converter founction
the main functions of the ac dc power supply module has five categories, respectively is isolation founction, voltage transformation, 
protection functions, noise reduction founctions, voltage regulator founctions.
A. Isolation

1. Noise isolation:        (analog circuit and digital circuit isolation, strong or weak signal isolation) 
2. Saftey isolation: Consultative services isolated \ IGBT drive, surge protection, lightning protection of medical electronic equipment (such as the human body contact isolation protection)
3. Earth loop to eliminate: remote signal transmission, distributed power supply system

B. Switching voltage
Step-up, step down transformation, AC/DC conversion (AC/DC, DC/AC) \ polar transformation (positive and negative polarity conversion, single power supply and the positive and negative power conversion, single power supply and power conversion)
C. Protection
Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and other protection
D. Noise reduction
active power filter 
E. Voltagestabilizing                
Ac mains power supply \ remote dc power supply, distributed power supply system, battery power supply

 DC converter parameters
output voltage accuracy:single or dual output ±1%           dual output voltage or current Vo1 ±1%;  Vo2 ±3%
voltage adjust rate:    ±0.2%
load adjust rate:    ±0.5%
ripple noise:     20MHz BM full load   Vo≤5.0V,≤100mVp-p; Vo≥12V,≤180mVp-p;
short circuit, overload, over-voltage protection (long-term since the recovery)
isolation voltage:       input and output 1500VAC≤5mA /1min,input and outside shell 1500VAC≤5mA /1min
efficiency:        80%(typically value)
switching frequency:      40-300KHz typically,MAX 330KHz
working temperature:      -25℃~+75℃
MTBF:           2X1000000Hrs