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                           5-25W Ultra-Wide 200-1000VDC High Voltage Input DC DC Converter


  •  Ultra-wide voltage input range: 100-1000Vdc or 200-1200Vdc
  •  Output voltage: 5v 9v 12v 15v 24v 48v (Single & Dual Output)
  •  Output power: 5w 10w 15w 20w 25w 60w
  •  Ultra-small package, high power density
  •  High efficiency, ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
  •  Work stability range: -25- +85 ℃
  •  Output overvoltage protection
  •  Output overload protection
  •  Short circuit protection and thermal protection (self recovery)
  •  Input-output isolated voltage: 4000V
  •  Size: 70*48*23.5mm


  • Smart Combiner Box Assemblies
  • Remote Sensors 
  • Security Power Source Radio
  • Wireless Data Links
  • Power Current Sensor Modules
  • Security Lighting Battery Charging
5-25W Ultra-Wide 200-1000VDC High Voltage Input DC DC Converter series are designed with a wide input range up to 4000VDC, and single and dual outputs from 5 to 48VDC. Additional features include input-to-output isolation, short circuit protection, thermal protection, soft start, adjustable outputs and efficiency up to 86%. The units are packaged in a compact DIP.
The use of parasitic DC power supplies to power DC string level monitoring, result in significant reduction of labor for commercial photovoltaic systems that employ string level monitoring ,help long term production and diagnostic benefits by PV plan owners. CHONDA engineer now are walking hard search on the 2000VDC road to save more cost for our valued clients.


Chonda international technology Co.Ltd is a rapidly-expanding porfolio of switching regulator products serving the Military and Medicare industries on AC to DC converters and High Voltage DC-DC Converter. All products combine CHONDA’s advanced process with the company’s strong expertise design and research to produce the best in class products to offer to the customers. The products are dressed up step-down,step-up and multi-output systems,catageries as DC DC fixed input converter,DC DC width input converter,AC to DC converter,100V-500V high voltage output converter and 100V-1000V high input voltage converter,applications in railway,instruments,car,tracker,solar systems etc...
The Company’s high voltage DC/DC converter products are offered in controller (external switches) and regulator (switches on board) form, and are designed to provide high efficiency in a small form factor. Chonda offers families of switching regulators that range from low voltage, ultra-high efficiency products designed for battery-powered applications widely used in smart phones and tablets to high voltage, Chonda also offers an expanding line of highly integrated DC/DC regulators with internal inductors, Modules, Internal Inductor and range input from 1V to 2000V is welcomed.