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How we can converter high dc to low dc? 

Let's take an example that converter DC 24V to 12V. there are serveral tips could make you achieve your goal.
  • When in the small power situation can use Three terminal integrated voltage regulator. such as 7812 series in CHINA.
  • If the power is relatively a little bigger,what we can use switching mode power supply and make it into 12V. or we can buy directly from the super market or some stores.
  • Don't use resistance to split the voltage, which shall exhaust the energy wastely and with lowest efficiency. Make a regular power supply circuit, adopt 3AD series and 3AX,0~52k adjustable resistor adjusting base and emitter voltage;
  • If use the regular and resistance split,it is easy to achive but without good efficiency and can be used with the lower wats power supply. if power supply is a bigger wats, should use Inverter rectifier to finish the direct changeable volvtage process.
  • In parallel a resistance with split voltage mehod.
No matter it's easy or not we have considerate our own case and take out the best solution to satisfy our project.