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What is a DC-DC converter?
What is a DC-DC converter? It is very normal questions for new beginners who just work in this power modules filed.By definition, a DC/DC converter is an electronic circuit that converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltagelevel to another. A DC to DC Converter is a device which is used to convert direct current from one level to another. either converts a higher voltage level to lower or lower voltage level to higher. DC to DC Converter only changes the level of direct electric charge. For information, the flow of direct electric charge is in a single direction, whereas alternating electric charge is completely opposite to it. Alternating electric charge moves in multiple directions. Simply,there is a total change in both forward and backward positions among two different electric charges that are known as AC and DC. Some people who might not be familiar with physics may get confused after reading the word “electric charge”. For your kind information, electric charge is another name of current or you can say in the terminology of engineering, current is referred as electric charge. So don’t take it very hard, just get familiar with it and move forward to read in which devices a DC to DC Converter is used.
Types of Switching DC/DC Converters
there are two types of DC/DC converters: linear and switched. today we wana to talk about the switching DC/DC converters in advance and before this put two other definition at the same time that's NOn-Isolated DC DC Converters and Isolated DC DC Converters and regular or unregular dc dc converter are all the necessary basiv knowledge about this sience.
DC to DC convertors can be termed as transformer for DC.Unlike AC, DC is very difficult to step-up or step-down without any proper technology which also doesn't come cheap.DC to DC convertors are basically high end chopper circuits with extremely reliable and high power rated power electronics devices and switches in order to vary the DC output from a given DC input. Sometimes a DC output is required to be fed to industries that work upon DC supply, then these convertors can be helpful.Or during the transmission process, they can be appointed in order to control voltage and power flow.
Useage of DC/DC converter
There are many uses of DC to DC Converter in the society, yet we are unaware of it. You might not know, but DC to DC  Converter is used every day in chargers or connectors for laptops, mobile devices, cellular phones and tablets and so on. Moreover, you can say that it is used for most of the devices that contain a battery or anything relative to it. Knowing the definition and uses of this converter isn’t enough, whereas reading about its types/kinds is also good, because it  will help you when you personally go to the market for purchasing any converter. To be very honest, rarely someone or technical professional goes to purchase DC to DC Converter, as all the devices contain built-in converters.
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