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Different suppliers launch a variety of different
power supply modules, in the market, they all have the different input voltage, output power, functions. Using the power module can save development time, make the product put into the marketed be faster, so the power supply module is much more welcome than that of integrated solutions. Power module has the following several advantages:

1.  Each
DC DC converter module  can be individually strict testing, to ensure its highly reliable, including electric testing, to eliminate substandard products. In contrast, integrated solution is  difficult to test, because the entire power supply system and other functions of circuit system is closely linked together.

2.  Different suppliers can design the same
DCDC convertemodule. To offer the engineers difference options

3.  Each module design and test shall be conducted in accordance with the standards of performance, which can help to reduce the adoption of new technology on the wind cost.

4.  If adopt the intergrated solutions, once the power supply systems is broken down, requiring to replace the main board to proceed working. but if use DCDC converter power module instead, just replace the converter module shall work normally, which  can save cost and the research time