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       Ordinary Power Supply & Medical Power Supply

With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more modern medical devices have rapid development, especially directly with the human body in contact with electronic equipment, Hence, the performance requirements of the instrument itself becomes much higher than before, also the consideration of human safety has become much more concerned. For example: heart puncture monitors, ultrasound, maternal and child care devices, baby incubators, life monitors and other close contact with the body of the instrument, that is to say when the patient use the instrument couldn’t be in any danger because of the medicare instrument caused by electric shock or other aspects.

So what is the difference between ordinary power supply and  medical power supply?

Ordinary power and medical power difference is: medical power supply has highly insulation requirements and leakage current requirements, as well as the residual voltage requirements. More specific there list five point.
  1.  If it is inverter power supply, medical power supply waveform requirements more stringent, closer to the sine wave;
  2. Medical power supply AC input may be used cleaned circuit to prevent interference;
  3.  Precision medical equipment regulator circuit output is pretty accurate and more stable;
  4.  Medical power supply reliability is better, low failure rate;
  5.  Medical power supply prices is much more expensive than ordinary power, and the demand is less than the ordinary power supply.
Medical electronics, is different with other electronic and power electronics, which that are targeted at mass markets and cost-effective consumer electronics and other low-cost product applications, medical electronics have much more rules to follow. If the designer is responsible for the system power design, the first thing is to consider for the system power supply section is whether to buy or to build the relevant solution.
Because medical electronics production is generally relatively low, designers must consider buying or homemade problems. Medical electronics designers rarely consider designing their own off-line power supplies. Because these special designs and tests require an investment that does not match the final scale of production, the equipment manufacturer will find that the product's output is difficult or impossible to share the investment in the design phase. Therefore, buy power supply directly from the companies who has the appropriate professional design capabilities and test technology companies is easy and safety.