About Us

is one of the great power converter companies in all over the world. Its aim is to hit the market with such a force that shakes the entire industry as well as earned a name as a brand. The company deals in regulator technology products that are needed most in Military and Medicare Industries. High quality, less expensive and excellence is the main focus of Chondatech. Regarding products, company use modern technology components that make them more reliable and potential to work fast.



It is our dream to make it more convenient for every individual/industry to purchase regulator and converter of great quality at very compatible prices. Our team is spending days and nights to be the ultimate source in the industry. We are motivated enough to keep up the constant supply of these electrical devices, which may be short and expensive in the market. Our vision is to satisfy the needs of every customer and make them feel the real value and capability of regulators.


At present following are the main products that are offered by Chondatech.
1.AC to DC Converter
2.DC to DC Converter

4.Solar Converter

Above are the key products of Chondatech, which comprise an elegant design that grab the attention of people and work in such efficiency that every single person appreciates them. We are committed to offer high quality products to customers at very compatible prices.Whether it is a converter or inverter, company all products are widely used for a great range of applications that either requires DC or AC to run smoothly. The most use of Chondatech devices can be found in mobile phones, laptops, iPods, Music Players, DVD Players, Car Lights and other relative electrical systems. 



The company uses ERP system and has achieved ISO9001, quality management system certification. While on the other hand, our products have also received many certificates from the various recognize institutes. These certificates were acquired due to following main features.

1.Best Quality
2.Lowest Prices
3.Excellent Services
4.Customer Satisfaction

Our area of operations is not limited in any specific country; we tend to serve every single person in this world. In case of any query, you may contact us 24/7 and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.