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Industrial News
Linear Technology Push Out A New Product
(Linear Technology Corporation) push out a new products to the market with wide voltage range buck converter DC/DC controller LT3840, the device includes buck(step down) - boost offset voltage, to provide efficient gate drive input range from 2.5V to 60V.... View More>>
Distributed Inverter Solutions -largest single project
May 2016 , Zhongwei CGN Tianyun 130MW PV power plant project was successful in all grid in Ningxia. CGN defender Tianyun 130MW PV power plant project is located in south of Zhongwei City,the project adopts the Distributed inverter system , about 15 kilo... View More>>
VICR launch new product to expand PicorCool-Power™ series
VICR launch new product to expand PicorCool-Power™ series On April 14th, 2015, Andover, Massachusetts, USA News - Vicor Company (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced the launch of its latest high-efficiency PI3749, PI3751 and PI3755 buck-boost regulator, furt... View More>>
New battery life for 15 years
New battery life for 15 years,Rechargeable batteries is necessary for modern people, but the short service characteristics make a person very entanglements. Therefore, the university of southern California scientists have developed a life new batteries f... View More>>
2014 China (chengdu) electronics show
2014 China (chengdu) electronics show 2014 China (chengdu) electronics show will be held on July 10th-12th in chengdu century city new international exhibition center. As China (chengdu) electronics show in one of the most important point, brings man... View More>>
New rules for Power supplies export to TAIWAN
New rules for Power supplies export to TAIWAN According to TAIWAN BSMI claims the new rules, all the sales products to TAIWAN market especially on the 3C (batteries, power supply, portable power source,power charge) has be make the BSMI certificate and... View More>>
Japan import the power conversion device from China
Japan import the power conversion device from China Foreign media, according to Japan's large-scale photovoltaic power station construction enterprises WestHoldings will import the largest telecommunications equipment and technologies from China HUAW... View More>>
Integrated circuit: Chinese premier LI focus attention to you.
Chinese premier LI focus attention to Integrated circuit IC industry is a basic industry, involves many areas like in social and economic development, in spite of there is a big gap with Some EU countries on design, manufacturing process, packaging te... View More>>
The Security Electronics  &  Circuit Protection & EMC Seminar Was Held In Shenzhen
Electronic components technology network launched 2014 security electronic technology seminar and the 17th circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility technology seminar, helping design engineers in the field of security trends in the development... View More>>
Linear Technology Corporation launched new producsts LT8309
Linear Technology Corporation launched new producsts LT8309 Summary: performance LT8309 Synchronous rectifier, Large output current ─ up to 10 a Higher efficiency and better thermal performance Work with BCM/CrCM architecture ... View More>>
Digital power supply output to break a billion-dollar after 4 years
Digital Power supply (Digital Power) design is becoming more and more favor from all over the world. Research institutions IHS, points out that digital power system can be improved energy efficiency and reduce the overall material list (BOM) cost, so the... View More>>
The widen Gap with the developed countries on Instrument industry
In the face of foreign competition and the grim situation. On the other hand, with the arrangement of reform, Chinese state and local governments gradually withdraw from the administrative management of enterprises, and competition from the villages and t... View More>>
Intelligent smart meter market demand in 2014
Last year, at the beginning of the 2013 State grid working report required, using Internet of things, cloud computing and other modern technology, build a new generation of intelligent substation demonstration project, promote the distributed system to ad... View More>>
The Global Flexible PCB Market Value Will Amount To $12 Billion In 2014
Global flexible PCB (FPCB) market value was $11.321 billion last year, this year will up 9.4% compared 2013.According to the Chinese market analysts study to reach $12.008 billion in 2014, 2015 will be 12.686 billion. Flexible printed circuit board is... View More>>
Switching power supply module presents four characteristics in 2014
With the rapid development of power electronics technology, power electronic devices and is closely related to people's work and life, and the electronic equipment is inseparable from the reliable power supply, into the 80 s computer power supply realize... View More>>
Global Photovoltaic Installations Will Exceed 40GW In 2014
Global photovoltaic installations.dc dc converter, In photovoltaic investment, IHS forecast 2014 global investments in photovoltaic equipment and production will grow by 42%.... View More>>
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