Quality Warranty

Chonda international technology Co.,ltd

To provide customers with products and services is our highest principle of service, therefore, good service is our product quality management of important services. Treat customers any feedback and quality advice, we will be responsible and take proper attitude to be treated fast, user-centered, committed to service improvement, innovation, the pursuit of perfect service, sincere to each customer.


1. Replace within three months

2. Two-years warranty and lifetime maintenance. (Note: the product is not limited warranty if the human factory damage to the product)

3. The customer is responsible for acceptance when the goods arrive the desinated location.

4. If the freight or courier has reached customers' designated locations, the customer delivery shall mention the spot after acceptance. When the goods are damaged,due to the quality of the product itself, our factory take responsible for the warranty till the customer satisfied the product after the replacement or negociatoin with our engineer re-interaction and make the converter well used, if after the replacement still not reach user's requirements, the products can be returned timely.